This is me on the moon! 

Hello, I'm Erin Green -- an artist, teacher and planetarium presenter from Vancouver, B.C.

I spent several years studying fine arts and hold a BA in Communication Design as well as an Arts and Science degree. I have also taken courses in astronomy and planetary science through Caltech Online Education.   

I'm inspired by the natural world, especially astronomical events and the connection we have to the stars and to each other.  I have dedicated the past several years to exploring connections between art and science and sharing my findings with everyone around me. 

I love expressing my enthusiasm! I feel incredibly lucky to be in a position that allows me to share ideas and exciting information with kids and grown-ups alike. Every time I teach an art class, run a workshop, or present in the planetarium I experience the rush of connecting with people through awe and inspiration.

To book and art class or art party, or if you would just like more information write to: